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rolling ball sculpture top view

August 2016



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rolling ball sculpture top view

New sculpture with video: "The Good Bean" - NKF Fundraiser

Just finished this piece up last week. It was part of a fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation. Medical professionals often use the word "bean" as a slang term for kidneys, and since the NKF is all about kidney health, I figured the title should reflect those two properties well.

I got to have a bit of fun with this one, making the kidney-shaped frame, but even more so with the really large lower spiral that took ten feet of wire to create. The most fun part, however, was the widening track drop-through for the marble. I've seen it done before, but you have to pick and choose where you can use this element, at least when using marbles. Since marbles are not uniform in size or shape, and since this element is dependent upon tolerances for it to work properly, you can wind up with very unpredictable results when using many marbles. I was only dealing with a single marble, so I took the opportunity to use it. It turned out great! Have a look for yourself:

I've been hard at work doing some other related projects as well, and I should be posting some more videos in the coming weeks. There's not a lot else to report, as I have been mainly working the day job and then coming home and doing sculpture at night in order to turn out so much work in such a short period of time. I've had a couple sales lately, which is very nice. I still have a few of the small pieces left, and I've been talking with some folks about a new project that sounds like it's going to be really awesome! It's going to be a bit of waiting on that one, but it will be worth it!