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rolling ball sculpture top view

August 2016



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rolling ball sculpture top view

Rolling Ball Sculpture Completed: Tillander

Good to have something to post for y'all. It has been too long since I was able to put a piece up! There for a while I was doing all those desktop pieces, and I was getting one done each week, or close to it. I loved being able to post completed works so often, but after the fourth or fifth one I received a commission (Yay!), and so I went to work on that one.

That was in mid-April, and I've been working on it since, through the entire summer without much of a break to speak of. This thing is awesome in that the client said, "We're really into air plants. Can you make one that we can hang to air plant terrariums in?" YES!! Yes, I can!

It was a challenge. There's a basic sort of flow to the path of the track around the frame as it works its way downward. The terrariums did a number on that natural path, and I had to come up with several different routes to make everything work properly. It was frustrating at times, but it really made me get creative, and things turned out very well. It's going to be a fabulous addition to their home.

Below is the feature video I shot of it. Hope you enjoy it, and if you're interested in commissioning a piece for yourself, a loved one or possibly in an office setting, stop in over at my rolling ball sculpture website and shoot me a message.