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rolling ball sculpture top view

August 2016



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rolling ball sculpture top view

New sculpture completed: Flying Hulls!

While this certainly is part of the "big reveal" for the wider world, I actually finished this piece before Christmas. However, as it was a surprise gift for some lucky husband, I couldn't very well spread it all over the interwebs for him to accidentally find, now could I? The holidays have come and gone now, though, so it is safe for me to share it with anyone and everyone who might enjoy it. I just uploaded it two days ago, so it's still piping hot off the stove, or whatever euphemism passes for super-fresh.

Flying Hulls

As mentioned, it was a gift from a wife to her husband. They both enjoy sailing and spend a lot their free time out on the water. She wanted something to commemorate their pastime, and she asked if I'd make a piece that reflected it. I loved the idea of a themed piece, and the photo of their catamaran that she provided only further encouraged me. I made a big effort to get the details right: number of sails, proportions, positioning of mast. These are basics, but they make a big difference when taken as a whole.

It was a challenge to route the track around and through the frame and sails, but I came up with some interesting ideas, and the ball jump turned out great! Necessity is definitely the mother of invention on that section.

Below is the video. Check it out and please give it a thumbs up on Youtube. Share it with friends if you know someone who would enjoy it. If you'd like to see more of my work, check out my website for Tom Harold rolling ball sculpture. And if you'd like to talk with me about commissioning a piece, I'd be happy to hear from you. Thanks!