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rolling ball sculpture top view

March 2018



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rolling ball sculpture top view

Yeah, I finished ANOTHER ONE! "Dropping In" rolling ball sculpture

Busy? Me? Nooooooo! Whatever gave you that idea?

I've done little lately except go to the day job and come home and work in the shop. Oh, I did buy a TOTALLY AWESOME horizontal band saw that I'm incredibly stoked about, but I'll leave that story for the tech nerds. You wanna hear the story about me driving around and looking at machinery, ask! But for now we talk art.

This one is called "Dropping In." Check out the video and you'll see why. I have been thinking on some different building techniques lately, and this one has been brewing for quite a while. It's very different. You'll see! I particularly enjoy the supports, which took a lot of time to make but were really fun! They're pretty bitchin' if I do say so myself.

Anyway, check it out. I hope you dig it. Oh, and the sculpture I did for the National Kidney Foundation raised a nice little amount of money, and the woman who won it was very happy to have it. She had apparently been looking at my work online prior to entering the contest and was really hoping she was going to win it even before she knew what the final design looked like. I'm glad it went to an appreciative home.

I'm working on other stuff, finishing up a giant piece that I'll clue you in on more later, but will look oddly familiar though very different. I have some other surprises for later, but more sculpture to be sure in the coming weeks/months.

Is anyone interested in seeing how I build these things? I can show ya some of that if ya like. Lemme know.